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Проблемы присуждения компромиссных и приблизительных убытков в решениях международных арбитражных судов

Вопрос корректного и адекватного подсчета убытков во время вынесения решений международных арбитражных судов в спорах как публично-правового, так и частноправового характера, достаточно часто сопровождается рядом проблем. Необходимость проведения многоступенчатого экономического анализа, который может лежать за пределами квалификации арбитров, непредоставление сторонами убедительных доказательств касательно понесенных убытков, требования о присуждении упущенной выгоды, — совокупность всех этих факторов […]

Enforcement in Ukraine of Foreign Court Orders Granting Provisional Measures in Support of Arbitration

It is widely accepted that successful outcome of international commercial arbitration proceedings often depends on timely obtained provisional measures designed to protect either the lawful interests of the parties or property in dispute until the final arbitral award on the merits is issued. Although provisional measures may be obtained from an arbitral tribunal handling respective […]

Presentation of new online platform of New York Convention

Note from the website: Welcome to This website was created to host information on the implementation of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, signed in New York on 10 June 1958, with a view of promoting its uniform and effective application throughout the world. The website provides access to […]

Applicable law in contractual disputes: recent arbitration practice

It is standard practice for parties to international contracts to agree on the particular law that will apply to the contract on the basis of the principle of autonomy of the parties. Despite the simplicity of choice of law clauses, from time to time such clauses may not be interpreted unequivocally and disputes arise. The […]

Enforcing arbitral awards against Ukrainian bankrupt companies

Introduction When bankruptcy proceedings are opened against a Ukraine-registered debtor company, a register of creditors’ claims must be formed in order to decide on debt repayments. If a creditor does not file an application for entry into the register, its claim will be considered discharged. To be entered into the register, the creditor’s claim must […]

Time limit for forwarding arbitral award to parties extended

The Presidium of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) recently amended Article 52 of the Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the UCCI. This article governs the procedure for forwarding an arbitral award to the parties to arbitration proceedings. Background Article 52(1) of the rules, which were approved by a […]

Russian-language ECT award enforced in Ukraine

It has emerged that a US$4.5 million SCC award arising out of the first Russian-language Energy Charter Treaty claim was successfully recognised and enforced against Ukraine last month – but a Russian court is now considering whether to overturn the judgment debt that the award upheld.